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Хотите провести веселую и вкусную вечеринку с поеданием стейков, приготовленных на углях, с мастер-классом и остроумным шоу от наших поваров?

Подробнее - в нашем буклете...

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Top quality meat to cook at home. Delivered.

MeatClub is the only retail shop in St.Petersburg offering a wide range of premium meats. We are the best source for the finest, USDA prime steaks, roasts, specialty meats, and gourmet products that money can buy.


this is Delicious. Much tastier than usual meats you find in retail shops. With our meats you can enjoy homemade meals as much as you do in a good restaurant.

this is of the Highest Quality. Just like other things you are used to.

this is Easy to Cook. Whatever your cooking talents are you will get a delicious meal.

this is Convenient. Your purchase will be at your door at a convenient time.

this is Money-Friendly. We do not incur physical shop expenses. Therefore, we can offer the best at a reasonable price.

this is Unique. Now you can purchase prime meats that used to be very difficult to find.

this is Something New, after all. Why not give it a try?

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